Academic Programmes

Centre for Sensors, Instrumentation and Cyber Physical System Engineering (SeNSE) currently offers two academic programmes. Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Instrument Technology and Ph.D. in various interdisciplinary areas related to Instrument Technology and Industrial Design.
SeNSE will be starting three more academic programmes from the Academic year 2020-21 at PG level. These new programmes include M.Tech. (Part Time), MSR (Full Time) and MSR (Part Time).

Academic programmes being offered by SeNSE:
1. Ph.D.
2. M.Tech. (Full Time)
3. M.Tech. (Part Time)
4. MSR (Full Time)
5. MSR (Part Time)

Details of each program with brief courses of study are given below.


Ph.D. program intakes competent candidates in all branches of Instrument technology (Optical Engineering, Optical Metrology, Laser applications and holography, opto-electronics etc.). Interviews are conducted twice every year (May and Dec typically) and the applications can be submitted round the year through the online IITD admission portal.
*Applications are accepted throughout the year.*


MSR is for students with a special focus on a particular research theme. The MSR (Part Time), especially, is suited for industry people or working personnel as it requires the student to focus on a thesis after doing only a small relevant background courses.


The M.Tech program in Instrument Technology offers courses as below

Core Courses

Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits
DSP 703 Instrument Technology Laboratory 1 0-0-6 3
DSP 704 Instrument Technology Laboratory 2 0-0-6 3
DSL 705 Advanced Instrument Technology Laboratory 0-0-8 3
DSL 711 Sensors and Transducers 3-0-0 3
DSL 712 Electronic Techniques for Signal Conditioning and Interfacing 3-0-0 3
DSL 714 Instrument Design and Simulation 2-0-2 3
DSL 734 Laser Based Instrumentation 3-0-0 3
DSD 801 Major Project Part 1 0-0-12 6
DSD 802 Major Project Part 2 0-0-24 12

Programme Electives

Some of the Elective courses for the M.Tech programme are

Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits
DSL 722 Precision Measurement Systems 3-0-0 3
DSL 734 Display Devices and Technology 3-0-0 3
DSL 811 Special Topics in Instrumentation-1 3-0-0 3
DSL 814 Special Topics in Instrumentation-2 3-0-0 3
DSL 815 Special Topics in Instrumentation 1-0-0 1
ELL 734 MOS/VLSI Design 3-0-0 3
ELL 784 Introduction to Machine Learning 3-0-0 3
ELL 783 Operating System 3-0-2 4
ELL 883 Embedded Intelligence 3-0-0 3
MCL 781 Machining Processes and Analysis 3-0-2 4
MCL 783 Automation in Manufacturing 3-0-2 4
MCL 749 Mechatronic Product Design 3-0-2 4
PYL 792 Optical Electronics 3-0-0 3
PYL 793 Photonic Devices 3-0-0 3